19 Mar 2021
IRREGULAR THINGS DUNJA LOVES This week's guest on Irregular Introductions is the designer and teacher Dunja Weber who has worked for Cassina, in the studios of designers Marco Ferreri, Stefano Giovannoni and James Irvine before establishing her own practice. Dunja's ambition is to design products which are coherent and essential, and embrace her passion for materials and the way things are made.  

1. Irregular Architecture 

Torre Arcobaleno in Milan is an old water-reservoir which stands on derelict railway land in Porta Garibaldi in Milan but is covered in colourful tiles. Since the expo 2015 the whole area has been smartened up but when I lived in Milan that was a particularly grey and unattractive area of the city. Nevertheless I loved passing just to enjoy the contrast between the bright coloured tower and the grey background -  particularly on those very foggy Milano-days. Back then I thought the tower was decorated by Mendini (in his young years) - but there was no information to be found - which made it ever more intriguing. Only now I have found out through this new website that it was done by a Milano based company called Original Deigner 6R5 - I never had heard of them before but apparently they exist since 1971.

2. Irregular Time Keeping 

Tempo Libero Swatch wrist watch by Bruno Munari: tempo libero in Italian means “free time” meaning leisure time. Isn’t there a more poetic way than detaching the numbers from the support to “free" the time?



3. Irregular Graphic Design 




La casa de Carlota in Barcelona: a friend of  mine pointed me out to this graphic-design company recently and I found it absolutely brilliant.

They say "This is our own transformative project. A special design studio that’s home to creatives, professional designers, artists, design school students, creatives with autism and Down's Syndrome, a Dutch girl, a mariachi and a couple of vegetarians. Having this extraordinary combination of different talents has made us a global reference in creative innovation and social impact".

Check out their website and this short feature in the Guardian newspaper


4. Irregular Sock Wearing

The 21st March is the lots of socks campaign to raise money for the Down's Syndrome Association which is very dear to me as a parent (see my son below enjoying music). Irregular socks to purchase for anyone who likes irregular things, for a good cause...