26 Mar 2021


Welcome to this week's Irregular Introductions mini series in which we speak to creative people about the irregular things they love. Ben Pechey (they / them) is one of the amazing people I have been lucky to 'meet' via instagram. Their grid is so colourful, but also full of wisdom. Over to Ben: 



I consider myself a multi-hyphenate business person, which is a very concise way to say I’m a Writer, Speaker, Content Creator, Presenter, Diversity & Inclusivity Consultant, LGBTQIA Advocate, and soon to be Author! Essentially I spin a lot of plates and am always tired, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve worked with major brands such as Amazon Prime, Oliver Bonas, Matalan, the NSPCC, Freeda, Lucy&Yak and many, many more. I uplift and educate through media; with my website , The Happy Place podcast, and legendary Instagram Stories.


1. Irregularities we all posses 



The process of finding ones’ self is often seen as a selfish pursuit - but in the way our world exists, loving and cherishing our sense of self is an act of reliance and self-preservation. Coming to terms with my identity, and embracing the beautiful nature of my own individuality has been the most wonderful gift I have ever given myself. It is now my mission in life to help others do the same for themselves through my work.


2. Irregular differences in society 


Freddy McConnell


I am a tireless advocate for the inclusion of all bodies, all identities and all abilities. However, we exist in a world that really doesn’t have the same mindset. I would urge you to surround yourself with voices that educate you, help you learn, and push your understanding of the world around you! Follow: Lexi Chandra Freddy McConnell (pictured above) Li Benedetti Eva Echo TransActual UK 


3. Irregular Conversations 



I am a HUGE believer that we must ALWAYS be learning, and to this end, I have created a YouTube series with the media brand Screen Shot, called I’ve Always Wondered. We have honest and open discussion about topics we could learn more about, and I even get to learn too!