The Clothes We Bought Last Year

19 Jan 2024
The Clothes We Bought Last Year

Mil, seen above in the amazing wool trousers he bought in Antwerp last year. 


Jolene here. In 2007 inspired by a book called Not Buying It, I had a year of buying no new clothes, which kind of set my shopping habits.... Mil & I both love being playful with clothes, but we aren't big shoppers, in that we never think 'lets go shopping today'... And we don't buy new stuff each season.. for example I have two excellent winter coats that I wear year after year - they are fabulous, weren't cheap, but won't date... 

In 2023, inspired by Aja Barber ( writer, stylist and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape) who does this, I kept a note of everything we bought, because it is easy to kid yourself.... 

The most we bought in one go was on our trip to Antwerp because the second hand shops are amazing, as are the local designers. We came home and sold some stuff on ebay to offset our 'new' purchases. 

When I look at this list, I think it is A LOT... 




Four pairs of socks from Socksss (new) 

Dries Van Noten rucksack (second hand in Antwerp) 

Keith Haring dress (new - Primark - controversial to shop there yes, but colabs enable his estate to carry on giving out charitable grants... discuss!) 

Custom tailored shirt from deadstock fabric (Devin Clark Memler

Adidas High Tops (new, TK Maxx) 

OOD (hat / hood) from Scottish knitwear designer Jo-Ami 

Tote bag from independent London brand Ace & Prince (new) 

Christopher Raeburn Pink Parka made from old parachutes (second hand from a store in London) 

Vintage tartan skirt & vintage blouse from Manchester store 

3 x striped base layers from Arket (new and worn every day under outfits) 

Fancy bra and pants, ethically made in Antwerp (new) 

Comme Dress (vintage from amazing store in Antwerp

3 pairs of second hand shoes (vintage from two different amazing stores in Antwerp) 

2 pairs of socks from Community Clothing (new) 

2 pairs of wool socks from TK Maxx (new) 

Double knitted cardigan from Zara (new -still feel guilty about this, but it is amazing and warm and timeless) 

Vintage dress & tshirt from Rhubarb Jumble

Jo Gordon socks (new - present from Mil) 

Bag from Mil (new - birthday present) 

Henrik Vibskov jumper from Mil (new - birthday present) 

Trousers from Toogood archive sale (new - present from Mil) 

Deadstock trousers from fellow Scottish artist / maker Saskia Singer

Custom knitted vest from fellow Scottish business (and Jolene!) Jo-Ami


Socksss socks (new) 

Neon pink/orange merino cardigan from Garbstore sale (new) 

Cowprint shoes from Garbstore sale (new) 

'Mil' shoes from Camper Lab (new) 

Trousers from Dashing Tweeds sale (new) 

Cardigan from Dashing Tweeds sale (new) 

Converse sneakers (new) 

Tailored reworked shirt from deadstock fabric - Devin Clark Memler

Shorts from vintage fabric - Devin Clark Memler

Vintage suit jacket from Dundee store 

Vintage shirt from Mhor in Store 

Work bag (new, Olend - terrible quality - broke immediately, and terrible customer services...) 

Vintage workwear shirt / shorts set from amazing Antwerp shop 

Vintage wool waistcoat from amazing antwerp shop

Vintage shoes from Antwerp 

Jan Jan Van Esche wool trousers from Antwerp (deadstock/new) 

Secondhand Needles jumper (ebay) 

Pre-loved Toogood trousers from ebay 

Trainers (new, for orthopaedic reasons) 

Crazy Comme Des Garcons shoes (secondhand, ebay)