Stateside Pyjama Adventures

13 Feb 2024
Stateside Pyjama Adventures

If you've been following us for a while, you will know that our pyjama business operates on a micro scale: the stock is stored in our flat, Mil still works full time in two other jobs to keep us afloat, and so it was a BIG DEAL to decide to head to Shoppe Object in NYC to try and get some stateside wholesale... 

We had an AMAZING TIME meeting old & new pyjama friends, but the hard work of turning our leads into dollars begins now we are home... send your positive vibes! 

Some of our highlights in order of how they happened: 

1) Making a pilgrimage to Judi Rosen NY Jeans where we also met one of our musical heroes Joan As Policewoman (whose track Barbarian our new print is named after). If you don't know Joan's music, start here with this mini playlist we made for you (we played the first track at our wedding....) 

Jolene & Mil meeting denim queen Judi Rosen, musician extraordinaire Joan as Policewoman in New York


2) Meeting the wonderful Idiosyncratic Fashionistas for the first time IRL when they came to visit us in our booth. We had dinner with them later in the week. So special, and like so many of you we are privileged to know, people we never would have met without these crazy pyjamas... 

Idiosyncratic fashionistas at our booth in NYC


3) Being taken to legendary NYC club The Box where Mil kicked off the dancing (and I lost my cash card after paying $40 for two beers - ouch!), followed by heading to a tiny local basement bar to hear British music icon Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip perform a solo set with other NYC based musicians. 

mil dancing in a club

alexis taylor of hot chip performing in NYC basement bar


4) Meeting the beautiful human Chelito Villaflor (via a new pyjama friend in Shoppe Object, above Ilana Kohn's gorgeous shop), who was full of words of wisdom for us AND shares a birthday with Mil. We are seen here dressed in one of Ilana's new designs (Mil and I bought a set to share) 

Mil, Jolene & Chilito in the Ilana Kohn store in lower east side all dressed in her latest designs


Working towards our small brand being a financially sustainable (as well as sustainable sustainable) business is really hard work, and takes a lot of faith and perseverance. The people we meet (either online or in person) via our pyjamas are a huge part of giving us the confidence to keep going, so thank you all for every interaction. 

Jolene & Mil