we asked, you answered, we respond!

05 Feb 2023
we asked, you answered, we respond!

It's 2023 and the first of our *new* official bi-monthly emails (new year, new regime)

As you probably know, we've been in a holding pattern with very limited stock while we searched for a new factory [it's taken 2.5 years!], and although it has been stressful, we are so excited to finally have things to sell, and to be making plans for the future...

We sent out a survey on our mailing list asking for feedback on various issues. Thank you to everyone who responded [the prize draw winner has been notified] and below we have answered some of the main points raised - we hope you find it useful. And we LOVED all your beautiful positivity about what we are trying to do with our brand - it makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

This is one of our favourite customer quotes about why they love ISP: 

"I love the community aspect - I’ve had people come up to me at busy festivals saying they have the same jacket and it’s opened up conversations with like minded lovely folk." 




We are aware that our custom sizing is tricky and takes effort on your part to figure out what to order. We are working on some changes to make understanding / navigating it easier (in fact the whole website is under development just now)... 

Our high waisted, lightly tailored trousers require particularly careful measurement on hips / bum but they do look FABULOUS when on, and we think definitely worth the extra hassle..... these are no ordinary pyjamas! 

model holding a frame over their bum which is clad in very brightly coloured pyjamas


Gold star to the respondent who said: "I finally bought a tape measure as have started buying from other slow retailers, so am more confident now". YES! This is essential.... 

We are also working on providing a whole new sizing page that will feature "fit videos" of models in each of our sizes - we absolutely understand how helpful it is to see garments on actual people. For now, I made a video of me showing that although I can fit the size 1 trousers, I prefer the size 2. My waist is 77cm and hips 98cm for reference [size 8-10 on top and 10 - 12 on bottoms].



grainy image of Jolene in the paradox tricolor classic pyjama suit, demonstrating the fit

(For clarity our website normally features images of people wearing our pyjamas, but because we literally haven't had anything to photograph other than the size 3 samples we are wearing above, we had to use the vector drawings, but these will be replaced soon) 



We understand that our goods are not cheap, and you guys understand that manufacturing in eco fabrics in an ethical way simply costs a lot. Even with moving our factory to India, we STILL haven't achieved the industry standard profit  margin required for a financially viable business (doesn't this fact make fast fashion prices even more shocking....) I'm going to write more about this next time.  



Our new classic pyjama suit / short pyjama suit trousers now have a button opening waistband with a drawstring, and a reinforced fly with button closing



We are also about to start working with a very experienced plus sized grader / pattern cutter to further improve our larger size offerings, and we hope to implement these changes on our next full new collection later this year as we know some people fall between our sizes at the top of the range. 



Because we are entirely self funded, we are limited as to how much we can manufacture in each drop.

We know lots of you are hoping we will bring back some of our sold out original colourways, and WE WILL!, but it takes a major amount of capital to carry a big range, and we just aren't in that place yet. 

Mil has already designed a full new collection (sneak preview below) which we will start colour testing soon. We hope to release these 6 colourways across the whole range, including bedding, later this year. 


close up of fabric samples in bright colours & patterns with an arm reaching in holding scissors


GOWN: Some of you were asking - we are in the very early stages of thinking about what an ISP robe / gown would look like...



For now, thanks as ever for being here, and you too can be proud to be on your doorstep in your pyjamas if you are Irregular like us 


 man in graphic print pyjamas at his front door holding onto a glass bottle of milk