Behind the scenes JOY

31 Mar 2023
Behind the scenes JOY

The image above was taken when we paused for lunch on our photoshoot day. Karlye (in the tricolor), had done her shoot and Tatenda (back of shot) had just arrived for hers. The sun was out in our kitchen, we had delicious food and flowing conversation, and our friend (and photographer) Paul captured the moment beautifully.

To us, it summed up the essence of what our pyjamas have given us: a joyful community! 


Photography 'studio' in the process of being set up in the background. Thank goodness for the very high ceilings in Glasgow tenement flats! 

two men on a photo shoot backdrop looking at the camera

Over the weekend we photographed 21 people right here in our home, creating not only the fresh visuals for our website, but also our amazing new BODY LIBRARY that will help you decide which size of pyjamas you should order.

Mil developed the signature lightly tailored high waisted cut of our signature pyjama trousers to be both comfortable & flattering, but it does require a little more work on the customer's part in terms of choosing a size than regular elasticated PJ bottoms. Very much worth it we believe, as they look awesome on bums... (as shown by model Louisa below) 

And here is model Yuko looking wonderful in our Big EZ Mono. Yuko and her friend Yoko have their own independent business here in Glasgow called Studio Fuchsia that fuses Japanese textures and patterns with luxury Scottish wool. Mil has one of their beautiful scarves - check them out


Serious about Design + Serious about Joy  

GIF of two people dancing joyously in patterned graphic organic cotton sleepwear