16 Dec 2020

As your irregular hosts, we have rather irregular names



I'm called Jolene because my mum is from Shetland, and up there they are mad on country music. 


Mil rocking out  

Mil - full name Milorad Stricevic - is named after his Yugoslavian grandfather. When he went to school he adopted his step-father's surname 'Brown', then when he became a professional musician, reverted to Stricevic. 

When it came to choosing our brand name, we landed on Irregular Sleep Pattern

1) the pun is so good 2) it describes the look and feel of the brand 3) how we want to produce / package and market our wares is definitely not 'regular' for the fashion business. 

We are now adding 'irregular sizing' to this list. Rather than making assumptions about which pyjama suit might fit you, we are asking that each customer digs out the tape measure and consults our charts. Therefore, we have done away with the conventional S, M & L, and have brought in our own size chart as shown below ranging from sizes 1 - 6.

In other words, we have introduced one size below our previous offering, and two sizes above.





Anyone else out there with irregular names in their lives - let us know! 


Jolene & Mil