04 Jul 2024

Jolene here. 'Plastic Free July' is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.  You can find tips on their website to try and reduce your own single use plastic consumption. 

Of course we believe in everyone doing what they can, but the truth is that until businesses take responsibility on this issue, individual action can feel futile.  When Mil and I were in the pre-launch phase of the brand, we were united in not wanting to be one of these businesses that put planet before profit.... 

"We don't do luxury packaging, we do responsible packaging. Good design is as much about what you leave out as what you put in" Mil Stricevic, 2023 

We don't use the term 'eco brand' because manufacturing anything from scratch is simply not eco even if using organic fabrics and producing in limited numbers as we do. We prefer the term 'responsible brand' to describe our ethos, and it is our ambition to continue making small improvements to our processes as we evolve. 

Right now, here's our 'responsible list'- we wish more big businesses would adopt this! 

  • Our sleepwear, bedding, teatowels and washbags are manufacvtured from certified  (GOTS) Organic cotton: The Soil Association has more info here on why this is much better than regular cotton.
  • Our garments are cut to minimise fabric waste. This also has the bonus of no two pairs of pyjamas having the same fabric placement which we love.
  • Our tiny scraps are then sent to an NGO who manufacture them into small items for us. Read more about that here
  • We don't follow seasons, as this causes waste. We have a core collection of products which are refreshed in new prints & colourways. We are trying to do a few things well. 
  • Our garments are packed in compostable garment bags (which we pay extra for - the plastic ones are free!) in our factory, and these are the same ones they arrive in at your house. 
  • Our beautiful postal bags are recyclable / compostable and made in Glasgow 
  • Our packing tape is compostable and made in the UK 
  • Our address labels are compostable (again, more expensive than regular address labels but if we didn't use these, it would render the whole package un-compostable)