ISP x TARA - a zero waste fair trade collaboration

23 Apr 2024
ISP x TARA - a zero waste fair trade collaboration

As part of our ongoing endeavour to reduce waste wherever possible, we have been working with UK based Ethical Production Consultant Sara Collins to find a partner to produce small items from our tiny sleepwear scraps. Because we cut our garments for minimal waste, we really do only produce tiny scraps, but we felt they provided a great opportunity to both support an NGO, and create some cute things at a lower price point for our customers. 

Following our briefing, Sara (pictured above) presented us with several potential production partners, and we opted to begin with the Fair Trade organisation Tara Projects , who employ refugee artisans. It was so great to work with someone like Sara who is super knowledgeable in this area, and also has visited the places she recommends. 

The first product we have made with Tara is this beautiful narrow scarf/tie which can be worn in multiple ways to add a dash of irregular pzazz to your outfit. 

Here are Kanchan and Mariyam who are two of the artisans crafting these beautiful products in Delhi. 

Due to the nature of their production, each one is completely unique in its combination of scraps, but share a common design rationale - they all look great!

Dimensions are 103 x 5cm, and work well as a decorative feature on all manner of necks/heads and other parts, human and non-human!