FULL VOLUME - collaboration with DCM GARMENTS

30 Apr 2024
FULL VOLUME - collaboration with DCM GARMENTS

FULL VOLUME. Our collaborative collection by DCM Garments x Irregular Sleep Pattern which sold out in 30 mins! 

Borne from a shared passion for sustainable design, and a desire to create something beautiful from the pieces commonly left behind - DCM Garments celebrates the imperfections of the offcuts and sample pieces from Irregular Sleep Pattern’s latest collection. With a custom silhouette inspired by vintage workwear, each piece is structured and roomy with a boxy fit and tapered waist. 

Each item from the FULL VOLUME collection is named after 90’s Hiphop tracks and the songs of the 70’s that they sampled. We chose this interwoven theme not only as we are fans of the Native Tongues East coast hiphop scene, but to acknowledge its notion to take something beautiful and complete, and turn it into something new and fresh. The remixed and reimagined patchwork style of this scene mirrors the patchwork shirts themselves, along with the remixing of our shared sensibilities to create this collaborative project. Listen to the Full Volume playlist here

Remixing the colourful patterns of ISP with the hand-sewn, tailored craftsmanship of DCM Garments, each piece has been uniquely curated, designed, and crafted so that you can turn the energy up to FULL VOLUME. 


We get regular emails asking for work experience / internships, but the first we have responded to is Devin's, because we were really impressed by the garments he was making (in fact bought some - see image below of Mil in a newly acquired DCM original the first time we met IRL... )

Not really in a position to accommodate an official intern, but also recognising Devin possessed a brilliant eye that fitted perfectly with our own appreciation of tailoring & attention to detail, a collaboration seemed a no-brainer... 

When Mil is developing a new collection, he gets all our test printing done at Glasgow School of Art (where he also teaches)'s CAT Digital facility, meaning we had a stash of glorious colourways, some of which won't ever be developed in our mainstream product range, making them VERY special! 

Devin started by making a sample garment in calico (seen above on Mil), and the design evolved from there.... 

Follow Devin on instagram to get notified of new drops of his own regular (and fabulous) work.