Irregular Gratitude

01 Oct 2020
Irregular Gratitude

We were asked in an interview what the best thing about running our own business was, and we can honestly say that so far it has been the amazing supportive community we have, both in real life and with new friends online. It has taken us three years to get to this point, and it is scary as well as exciting, so THANK YOU to everyone who has cheered us on to help us get to this point.

We are particularly grateful to the beautiful bunch of friends who agreed to model for us, and we'd like to tell you a little about each of them. 






I first met Sophie when the girls were tiny and she recognised us from seeing my blog. Through the years our paths crossed frequently, as happens in Glasgow, including regular sightings of Sophie in her trademark style zooming past on her flower adorned bicycle. She has a pHd in 'experience driven ephemeral art' (think stuff that melts, rots or is eaten), and works in finance. Alongside this Sophie presents and publishes creative research, co-runs the First Chord Ukulele Orchestra, swing dances, and does commissioned pet illustrations







Mil and Paul have known each other for 30 years, introduced through a mutual friend in the music business. The original drummer for the Glasgow band Del Amitri, Paul moved to London where he establishes a career as a freelance photographer specialising in architecture and interiors. As well as looking beautiful in our pyjamas, Paul stepped in to help with photography when Covid cancelled our original plans. 







We met Suzanne & Nick through a mutual friend not long after they moved to Glasgow from London. As well as being an extremely stylish individual, Nick is an artist, documentary film maker and promo director whose work includes the film 'Our Hobby is Depeche Mode', made with Jeremy Deller. Suzanne is an art school graduate who earns her crust as a web designer. As well as being one of our sartorial heroes, she has the best taste every in interior decor. As one might deduce from the photos, Nick & Suzanne are shy retiring types... 







Mil and Bob (as we call him) met at art school. For Bob's sake I should say that Mil was a mature student, but not so mature as to prevent them sharing a sense of humour, which was how they bonded. Bob went to Italy, Mil went to London, but they ended up running a design studio together for several years. As well as teaching at GSA with Mil, Bob is a freelance shoe designer, and loves to dance. 







Olga was one of Mil's students a few years back, and was an easy choice when we were thinking of people we knew who might embody the spirit of ISP: outgoing, stylish and independent, as well as a talented designer and charming illustrator in her own right. Thank you Olga for indulging your old teacher!