The item I want is sold out - will you be getting more in?

We are re-stocking Big EZ Mono and Paradox Tricolor but nothing else at the moment. We plan to introduce a completely new range in late 2023, including new bedding. 

Are you remaking the colourways I can see on your instagram?

Not in the near future. Following on from the two new colourways currently on the website (mono & tricolor) we will be launching a new print collection in late 2023. Once we get our supply chain up and running, we might bring back some of the original favourites. Manufacturing is so complicated, and we are learning to take things slow and steady. Thank you for your patience & understanding! 

Why do you have an odd sizing system?

When we first launched we used a standard S, M, L sizing, but found that it created loads of returns due to the fact people made assumptions about their size, rather than measuring and referring to the size chart. A key part of our ethos is slow shopping - of course returns are sometimes unavoidable, but it's great if we can try together to decrease unnecessary shipping. This is the reason we ask you to measure hips, waist & chest and talk to us if you still need sizing help. 

Can I mix & match sizing?


I have very long legs, and your leg length seems short... 

Our classic pyjama suit trousers are designed to be ankle skimming, because that's how we like it. This works well on most people, but if you have extra long legs, they have a generous cuff which can be turned down - make friends with your local tailor! 

Do you ship overseas? 

For orders under £300 there is a £20 shipping charge (so we still subsidise this). Shipping to USA & EU is via DHL, shipping to Australia and NZ is via Royal Mail so takes up to 2 weeks. EU - we will pay your horrible Brexit Tax upfront even though it makes utterly no financial sense for us (costs us £40 on top of shipping), but until we get an EU distribution centre, we don't want you guys to lose out. 

Why do I have to pay for returns?

Two reasons:

1) We have tried to price our products as fairly as possible, and adding in free returns would simply inflate the base price. Manufacturing ethically and organically is expensive, and as an independent small business, costs add up (simple as that) and so we ask that you follow our clear sizing guide, measure your key stats (chest, waist, hips) and / or get in touch before making a purchase, to minimise the need to return something. It's particularly important to take care with sizing if you don't live in the UK as returns will be mega expensive. 

2) Free returns cause impulse shopping, and returns require transport which cause emissions. If you want to know more, this is a good article. Of course we understand that returns are sometimes unavoidable! 

What if there is a fault with my item?

We have worked hard to ensure these garments / products are durable, but of course human errors do happen. Please email us with any issue and we will get it sorted quickly. 

Which packaging do you use?

Our garment bags and stickers are 100% compostable. Our branded postal envelope and tape are 100% recyclable, our address label is compostable. The only thing that isn't is the plastic DHL envelope (on overseas or express orders - get with it DHL!).

How do I care for my pyjama suit / bedding set?

Please wash at 30 degrees with similar colours, ideally using an eco washing powder or liquid. We’d rather you air dried than tumble dried as it is much better for the planet. Iron on a warm temperature, or just enjoy the crumples like we usually do!