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Irregular Sleep Pattern Pyjama Size Guide

The chart below details the actual physical measurements of our gender-neutral pyjamas. Please note that the waistband measurement is the maximum, but all Pyjama Suit trousers feature a drawstring which allows you to tighten for a comfortable and secure fit. They key measurement is your hips, as the waistband is designed to be pulled in. 

In order to choose your size, we ask you get out a tape measure rather than make assumptions. If in doubt, please get in touch - we will be delighted to help.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 A ( chest) 97cm 105cm 112cm 120cm 127cm 142cm 157cm B (body length) 68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 76cm 80cm 84cm C (outer sleeve) 58cm 60cm 62cm 64cm 66cm 70cm 74cm D (waistband max) 75cm 83cm 90cm 97cm 105cm 120cm 135cm E (hips) 89cm 97cm 104cm 112cm 119cm 134cm 149cm F (inside leg) 60cm 62cm 64cm 66cm 68cm 72cm 76cm