Bedding Hot Pink
Bedding Hot Pink
Bedding Hot Pink
Bedding Hot Pink

Bedding Hot Pink

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Portugal
  • Reversible

Constructed in the same organic cotton and print designs as our pyjamas, our Hot Pink duvet set features Big E-Z x Hot Pink and matching pillowcases, with Paradox x Wasabi on one side and Cimex x Midnight on the other. 

For those of you with poorly calibrated monitors, cracked phone displays or otherwise low confidence in colour selection (you are probably in the wrong place), the overall mood is vibrant & clashing:

Bright red & pink top section (both sides) and pillows, with lower sections in deep blue/purple/electric blue (side 1) and bubblegum pink/acid yellow/green. Zzzing!

Each duvet cover comes with 2 matching standard size pillowcases (48 x 75cm), except size 1 (single) which comes with one pillowcase. 

Available in four sizes: 

  • 1 (single 130 x 200cm)
  • 2 (double 200 x 200cm)
  • 3 (king 230 x 220cm)
  • 4 (super king 260 x 220cm)
Bedding Hot Pink £110.00
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