12 Feb 2021

Nick Abrahams is an artist who has collaborated with many musicians, including Sigur Ros, with his short film ’Ekki Mukk’, winner of the British Council Best UK Short Film, Shirley Collins with the ‘Death and the Lady’ music video and stage visuals for her ‘Lodestar’ tour. He has collaborated with Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller on a variety of projects including  ‘The Bruce Lacey Experience’ and ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’, both feature length films, which have been exhibited extensively around the world. Over the years he has made pop videos for bands as diverse as Huggy Bear, Stereolab, Cornershop, Leftfield, the Manic Street Preachers and Add (n) to X. He sometimes exhibits artworks in galleries. Oh, and he models some really great pyjamas for his friends...

1. Irregular Nature

So here’s David Attenborough smoking a cigarette as a young sound recordist! Looking cool with his Nagra at the ready.
Also there are others like Jean Painlevé who made some of the earliest underwater films, most famously of sea horses. He would sometimes do two versions of his short films, one with a scientific voice over and the other with an avant-garde musical accompaniment, which could be chosen according to the audience they were being shown to.
I just love how amazing nature is. I was reading recently about a frog that actually freezes like ice during cold weather and then comes back to life when it warms up. 

2. Irregular T-shirts


I wish I hadn’t thrown out my shirts in the past but here are a few I still have. I started going to gigs at 13 and never stopped. This Manics sweatshirt is great, they had the best slogans.
When Frankie goes to Hollywood put out their ‘Frankie Say Relax’ t shirt, they also put out this one and one that said 'War, Hide Yourself!'
And this is my most recent band t shirt, from a gig by a great band called... Barry. Some people assume that’s my name of course. 

3.Irregular Architecture 

Just love the amazing mix of architecture around Glasgow, our new home, it's really inspiring. The city and the surrounding area are so full of so many conflicting styles and secret treasures. Me and my wife love walking around the city and exploring. [Above: St Peter's Seminary, Cardross. Below Stained Glass from 1901 in Pollockshields, Glasgow]
Images: Building in Strathbungo, Glasgow that has been propped up for years, the amazing swimming pool in East Kilbride, tiling in the local dry cleaners, formerly a fishmongers.