Jolene is wearing jacket in size 1 and trousers in size 2 (NB the Barbarian, Chameleon & Sidewinder size 2 trousers are 5cm smaller in the waist than the mono + tricolor) 

Height: 157cm/5’2
Chest: 86cm / 34"
Waist at bellybutton: 76cm / 30"
Hips around bottom: 99cm / 39"

Jolene wears approx uk 8-10 on top and uk12 in trousers 

Note that due to our genderless pattern sizing, the sleeves may need to be rolled up - as Jolene does - but the last pic shows them rolled down, just for reference. (And yes, Mil does have quite long arms.)

" It's really common with our trouser design for there to be ample room in the waistband, but it cinches in beautifully" 

PS - Mil could barely see when he took these photos hence them being possibly the least flattering of me ever, but I'm keeping it real!