Annie is wearing jacket in size 3 and trousers in size 4

Height: 170cm/5’7" 
Chest: 97cm/38'
Waist at bellybutton: 94cm/37”
Hips around bottom: 110.5cm/43.5”

In the majority of brands Annie is a size UK16. She likes clothes a bit roomy, particularly for wheeling the chair. 

“ISP trousers are great in the chair as they come high up the back and lie flat, meaning there is no air gap and also they are very comfy when sitting in the chair all day. It's hard finding trousers that come up high enough at the back as a wheelchair user, but ISP do just the trick. Also when it's cold, the trousers are roomy enough for me to wear leggings underneath (I get cold as a wheelchair user), and the adjustable waistband is perfect for my adjustable waistline”